About Us

Palpur High School was founded in 1967 in Rajshahi, and in the years since it has grown to become one of the most successful schools in the area. The School has been advancing excellence in education for more than two decades. At Palpur High School, our aim is to provide our students with a first-class education and the best teaching and learning environment in which we aim to ensure that each student achieves their optimum potential academically, physically, emotionally and socially. We work closely with our parent community in an effort to develop students who have all the necessary tools to be successful global citizens. Our curriculum offers our students an opportunity to develop into inquiring, knowledgeable and caring citizens who can play their part in the creation of a better and more peaceful world.

Palpur High School recruits and retains highly qualified and dedicated staff whilst providing opportunities to foster their professional and personal development. The School promotes strong interpersonal relationships among administrators, staff, students and parents, creating a positive and supportive environment.

We believe in giving the best to our students. The school has excellent, modern facilities which include six state-of-the-art computer labs, while the highly sophisticated and fully equipped Science Labs provide an open environment for students to experiment and do research work. Under the professional guidance and assistance given by our Secondary school science teachers, students are also encouraged to exhibit their work by developing samples and models.

Each school has a fully resourced library with multimedia sections as well as extra reading rooms. Our e-Library in the Secondary schools allows students to use curriculum related digital media under professional guidance. The Multimedia Halls in the Secondary schools provide an opportunity to conduct student debates, performances and presentations. All campuses have well-equipped Art Rooms with top quality resources to allow students of all age groups to express their ideas creatively and independently. There are well-equipped gymnasiums on all four campuses together with large fields for football and cricket.

Palpur High School is geared towards excellence with its Vision “To be premier school of choice, by inspiring our students to reach their potential, academically, socially, physically and morally”. The school assures commitment to promoting internationalism, as well as dedication to excellence in all aspects of providing student-centred education.